The Entityhub Linking Engine: Linking NLP processed Text with Vocabularies managed by the Stanbol Entityhub

The EntityhubLinkingEngine is the successor of the KeywordLinkingEngine. It is based on the EntityLinkingEngine configured with an EntitySearcher that can link Entities managed by either the Entityhub, ReferencedSites as well as ManagedSites. The EntityhubLinkingEngine does not implement the EnhancementEngine interface itself. It only configures an instance of the EntityLinkingEngine.

For a detailed documentation of the linking process please see the documentation of the EntityLinkingEngine. This document only focuses on the configuration and the usage of this Engine.


The configuration of the EntityhubLinkingEngine supports the following options. First it allows to configure the two properties common to all enhancement engines

Next it allows to configure the used Entityhub Site

Finally it supports all configuration options supported by the EntityLinkingEngine.

The following screenshot shows the configuration dialog of the EntityhubLinkingEngine as shown when using the Apache Felix Webconsole for its configuration. However users need to know that this dialog only provides a limited set of configuration options. Other supported configuration options can only be configured by directly using OSGI "*.config" files.

Configuration dialog for the EntityhubLinkingEngine