This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - Development


This site documents development related issues when working with the Apache Stanbol source code and contributing to it.

Everything has to be discussed on the developer mailing list prior to any implementation action. If it is not on the list, it did not happen.

New features should be backed by JIRA issues that describe the goals, use cases and software design decisions, which are usually the result of dev list discussions. It is much easier to refer to JIRA issues describing the implementation details for further discussions and later reference.

The developers list is not a good place for persistent information, but JIRA issues can also be used as an initial form of documentation for new features: add usage and test instructions to the JIRA issues once your features reaches a usable state, so that others can test them. This is a good way of evolving the features documentation, as you work on the implementation.

Mailing Lists

The Apache Stanbol projects uses mailing lists to exchange all relevant information. If something was not mentioned and discussed on the mailing list it did not happen.

The developer mailing list is where the action is, so make sure you subscribe to the Apache Stanbol developers mailing list. Details on how to subscribe are given in the lists overview below.

We don't have a users mailing list at this time, we'll create it if traffic becomes too high on the dev list. User questions are welcome on the dev list for now.

Mailing list archives are available at,

Lists Overview

Name Subscribe via Unsubscribe via Postings to Archives
Stanbol Developer List subscribe unsubscribe dev AT, (incubation),
Stanbol Private List
(for PMC members only)
subscribe unsubscribe private AT
Stanbol Source Control subscribe unsubscribe, (incubation),

Issue tracker

The Apache Stanbol issue tracker is at You can report issues and submit patches there, and you're welcome to discuss those on the mailing list first, as needed.


For a first documentation starting with JIRA issues that describe what you're doing and how to use and test it is often good enough, and it's a good way to document things as you go.

Once new features reach a somewhat stable state, it's good to document them on the website.

Source Code

The Apache Stanbol source code can checked out via Subversion from

Development Practices

The following documents describe the software development practices that are followed by the Apache Stanbol project.