This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - Apache Stanbol Documentation

Apache Stanbol Documentation

This documentation of Apache Stanbol targets at Content Management System (CMS) developers and integrators, who want to use and integrate Apache Stanbol RESTful services into their CMS. Secondly, it is for Apache Stanbol contributors, which are developing Apache Stanbol components and engines.

Note 1: In addition to the documentation on this site, every Apache Stanbol instance provides you with live documentation when pointing your browser to the Apache Stanbol start page. It contains further descriptions and the most up-to-date documenation for each component and its RESTful API. Additional technical notes for each component can be found within various README files within the source code.

Note 2: This is the documentation of the Apache Stanbol trunk. Meaning that some of the features documented here might not yet be available in an official Apache Stanbol release. If you are using a specific released version of Apache Stanbol, you might want to consider using the documentation of this release instead.