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Apache Stanbol - Apache Stanbol Components

Apache Stanbol Components

Apache Stanbol Components

Figure 1: The Apache Stanbol Components

Apache Stanbol is built as a modular set of components. Each component is accessible via its own RESTful web interface. From this viewpoint, all Apache Stanbol features can be used via RESTful service calls.

Components do not depend on each other. However they can be easily combined if needed as shown by the different usage scenarios. This ensures that the list of used components depend on the specific usage scenario and not on the Apache Stanbol architecture.

All components are implemented as OSGi bundles, components and services. By default Apache Stanbol uses the Apache Felix OSGi environment. However generally we try to avoid the use of Felix specific features. If you need to run Stanbol in an other OSGi environment an encounter problems tell us by opening a JIRA issue and/or asking about it on the Stanbol Developer mailing list.

For deployment Stanbol uses the Apache Sling launcher. While the Stanbol Community maintains different launcher options including run-able JARs and WAR files we expect users to configure their custom launchers optimized for their usage scenario. However it os also possible to us Stanbol with other launchers (such as Apache Karaf) or to add its bundles to any existing OSGi environment.

Figure 2 depicts the main Apache Stanbol components and their arrangement within the Apache Stanbol architecture.

Apache Stanbol Components

Figure 2: Apache Stanbol Architecture