This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - Source Releases

Source Releases

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To get the latest development release of Apache Stanbol, you can check out the source code and build Apache Stanbol yourself. Otherwise, the source releases below are available for download. To build from a source release just extract and follow the instructions in the README. If no such README is available a simple

$ mvn clean install

should be enough to compile and package the artifact. Be aware that for some releases you will have to download a separate -deps package in order to succesfully compile Apache Stanbol.

All Apache Stanbol source releases are distributed under the terms of The Apache Software License (version 2.0). See the LICENSE file included in each distribution.

The latest released artifacts are hosted via the Apache distribution site. Please use the provided download links on this page which will redirect you to a mirror near you.

You should verify the MD5 checksums of all downloaded archives. All Apache Stanbol releases are signed by a responsible release manager. To verify the signature of a release package, you have to download the project's GPG keys.

Latest Releases

These are releases of the Apache Stanbol stack.

Artifact Provides Release Date Download
apache-stanbol-1.0.0 Complete Apache Stanbol Stack 2016/10/23 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
partial security Parent 5, security.core and authentication basic 1.0.0 2014/06/05 TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-0.12.0 Complete Apache Stanbol Stack 2014/03/02 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-enhancement-engines-0.10.0 Apache Stanbol Enhancement Engines 2013/02/19 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-enhancer-0.10.0 Apache Stanbol Enhancer 2013/01/27 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-entityhub-0.11.0 Apache Stanbol Entityhub 2013/01/27 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-contenthub-0.10.0 Apache Stanbol Contenthub 2013/01/27 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-commons-0.11.0 Apache Stanbol Commons bundles used by other Apache Stanbol components. 2013/01/16 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
apache-stanbol-data-1.1.0 Apache Stanbol Data modules used, e.g. by the Entityhub. 2013/01/16 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
stanbol-parent-3 Apache Stanbol Parent POM that controls the build process. 2013/01/16 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )
TAR.GZ ( MD5 | ASC )
source-assembly-1.0.0 The source package of the Apache Stanbol Source Release Assembly Descriptor. 2013/01/11 ZIP ( MD5 | ASC )

Previous Releases

The Apache release distribution site only contains the latest releases of each artifact. Older releases are available via the Apache archive service.