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Apache Stanbol - Apache Stanbol Usage Scenarios

Apache Stanbol Usage Scenarios

Apache Stanbol is designed to bring semantic technologies to existing content management systems (CMS). If you have a CMS and you want to start using semantic technologies in combination with your content, Apache Stanbol is a good software candidate for you. To make the integration as easy and painless as possible all Apache Stanbol features are accessible via RESTful web services. All you need is to connect your CMS via HTTP to an instance of Apache Stanbol. Additionally, Apache Stanbol comes with a CMS Adapter component as a bridge between a CMIS/JCR compliant content repositories and the semantic metadata repository in Apache Stanbol. Figure 1 gives you an overview of using Apache Stanbol from a CMS.

Traditional CMS using Apache Stanbol

Figure 1: Traditional CMS using Apache Stanbol via its HTTP RESTful interface

The following usage scenarios explain in more detail how to use various services from a CMS.

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