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Apache Stanbol - Ontology Registry Language

Ontology Registry Language

To create an ontology registry, simply create an ontology and upload it somewhere on the Web. Supported formats are RDF/XML, OWL/XML, Turtle, N3, Manchester OWL Syntax and OWL Functional Syntax. RDF/JSON and JSON-LD are not supported.

The ontology must contain individuals of type (libraries) and/or (ontologies referenced by libraries). The URI that identifies an individual of type Ontology MUST be the (dereferenceable) physical location of the ontology document, no matter if it differs from the actual ontology ID (which is found out only after the ontology is laoded).

Relations between libraries and ontologies are assertions on the properties (with subject of type OntologyLibrary and object of type Ontology) and (with inverted subject and object types). It does not matter which property you choose.


Given the prefix mappings:

@prefix meta: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix : <> .
@base <> .

The following RDF code (in Turtle syntax) shows how to create an OWL individual for a library called SocialOntologies which contains the ontologies of SIOC and Provenance.

:SocialOntologies rdf:type <> ;
          rdfs:label "Social Network Ontologies"^^xsd:string ;
          meta:hasOntology <> ;
          meta:hasOntology <> .

You can also specify Library-Ontology relations the other way around, by stating them in the OWL individual that represents the ontology.

<> rdf:type <> ;
          meta:isOntologyOf :SocialOntologies .

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