This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - Co-Mention Engine

Co-Mention Engine

The Co-Mention engine aims to link initial mentions of Entities with later references in the Text.

The typical example are persons only mentioned by their family name after an initial mention with the full name e.g.

... Barack Obama gave a talk to members of the Labor Union ... Obama specially mentioned ...

NOTE: This Engine does NOT provide/use NLP co-reference support (e.g. linking a Pronoun with the Entity it stands for). Its purpose it to (1) link follow up mentions of Entities with the original one and (2) add suggestion of the initial mention to follow up mentions.


As this engine does use entity linking functionality of the EntityLinkingEngine its configuration supports similar properties.

Other supported properties that are not included in the Felix Webconsole configuration dialog. Those properties can only be set via OSGI configuration files. See the Entity Linking Engine configuration for the full documentation of those properties

The following properties of the EntityLinking engine are ignored: