This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - File based bundle configuration

File based bundle configuration

During development and deployment process it can be a pain have to reconfigure all your bundles in the Felix web interface.
Stanbol offer the bundleconfig mechanism that allow you to save this configurations and apply them automatically.

A bundleconfig artifact is a Maven project with this structure :

      |- pom.xml
      |- src
          |- main
              |- resources
                   |- config
                       |- config1.conf
                       |- config2.conf
                       |- ....

The pom.xml has nothing special. You can copy this one for example and only adapt group and artifact ID to suit your project naming convention.

The configurations are held by files in the src/main/resources/config folder. This configurations files :

Of course, this bundleconfig bundle can be added to your custom launcher and bundlelist, just be careful to define a higher startlevel to your bundleconfig than the configured bundles' startlevel.