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Apache Stanbol - Hot partial Stanbol update

Hot partial Stanbol update

One of the biggest "cool feature" of OSGI is the capability to update pieces of the server without restart it.
Felix web interface allow you to do this with click, but it's not always comfortable to do this way (production environment, numerous bundles to update,...).
The Apache Sling File Provider allow you to define a folder, where you just have to drop/update/delete your bundle to get your server in sync.

Follow this two step procedure to enjoy this feature :

  1. Install the "Sling File Provider" Bundle (not needed as this is included by default in Stanbol)
  2. Configure the "sling.fileinstall.dir" property: You can add this to the "{stanbol-working-dir}/stanbol/ file" or parse it as a system property '-Dsling.fileinstall.dir={path-to-dir}' when you start stanbol.
  3. Create the referenced Folder on you file system.

Note : this procedure was extracted for a Rupert Westenthaler's mail. Thanks to him to spot it !