This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Stanbol - CMS Adapter

CMS Adapter

The CMS Adapter component acts as a bridge between content management systems and the Apache Stanbol. Please note that all components of Apache Stanbol also provides RESTful services which allow accessing them directly from outside. CMS Adapter interacts with content management systems through JCR and CMIS specifications. In other words, any content repository compliant with JCR or CMIS specifications can make use of CMS Adapter functionalities. For the time being, there are two main functionalities that CMS Adapter offers: "Bidirectional Mapping" and "Contenthub Feed".

Bidirectional Mapping

From one perspective, this feature enables content management systems to represent their content repository structure in RDF format. This helps building semantic services on top of the existing content management systems using their RDF representation.

From the other perspective, bidirectional mapping feature makes possible to exploit open linked data, which is already available on the web, in content management systems. Apart from the already available data on the web, any RDF data can be mapped to content repository. By mapping external RDF data existing content repository items can be updated or new ones created.

Contenthub Feed

Contenthub feed feature of CMS Adapter provides management of content repository items within Contenthub. The management process includes only two types of operations, namely: submit and delete. By submitting content items to Contenthub, you can make use of indexing and search functionalities of Contenthub over the submitted items.

Use Cases

As properties of content repository items are submitted to Contenthub along with the actual content, it is possible to provide to obtain faceted search facility for the content items managed within Contenthub. Furthermore, any kind of Solr query can be executed on the index keeping the submitted content items.

Exploiting Linked Data

Chance of mapping any RDF data to content repository enables users making use of open linked data available on the web. Current implementation is especially handy for hierarchical RDF data e.g. category, topic hierarchies. Users can populate content repositories with hierarchies in which further content items can be created.

Building and Launching

Since CMS Adapter is included in the Full Launcher of Apache Stanbol it is built with Apache Stanbol by default and can be launched under Apache Stanbol Full Launcher. For detailed instructions to build and launch Apache Stanbol see this README file.

CMS Adapter serves its features through its Java API together with the corresponding RESTful services. Restful services can be accessed starting from the root resource: http://localhost:8080/cmsadapter after launching the full launcher with default configurations.

More detailed information can be found in 5-minute documentation of CMS Adapter.